How Pokémon Go Can You Go?

Controversies are always interesting. The more controversial the subject is, the more fascinating it is to try. It applies to Pokémon Go. How people play this free game by downloading without any cost has become such an extraordinary phenomenon. Among millions of Android apps, Pokémon Go still can maintain its unique features, while attracting more and more downloaders each day.

The game is more than just catch-and-run. The most interesting part of Pokémon Go has been its unstoppable popularity for a few days after it was launched on July 6th, 2016. It is getting very common to see people around us in swiping their Android devices and running to certain places without taking a look around them. It is the collaboration of Nintendo-Niantic Labs that delivers the unspoken fun of catching Pokémon in front of players, as it appears on the place where players are.

Definitely, the use of GPS is applied here. The best thing about the game is how players have to find Pokémon in front of them and throw it with the Pokéballs. As there are so many Pokemon around, it is very common among players—even when they don’t know each other—to inform the nearest Pokéstops and local gyms. Regardless of having a quarrel in finding them, many people are more interested to inform each other.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go cheat afficionados are everywhere, in every corner of the world. It has urged lots of reactions, mostly from many countries’ government. Accidents occurred many times, due to players’ carelessness in exploring many places, which are mostly public places like cemeteries, churches, amusement parks and many more.

Well, whatever people might say, Pokémon brings various reactions among people. Players can enjoy walking around their homes, instead of just sitting nicely in their living rooms. Besides, they can have more friends, instead of just adding virtual friends through social media like Facebook or Twitter. The best benefit—or it is better said as profit—is definitely for Nintendo, whose stocks have been increasing massively for the first time, since it was established in the early 80’s.

Boom Beach Hack

How to Use a Boom Beach Hack?

Boom Beach is a computer based game that allows attacks on other players with attacks based from other computer generated bases. This game is free to download.

Boom Beach is a game that can be played on the Pc, iPhone, iPads and even on android smartphones. The developers of Boom Beach are Super cell with having platform on Androids and iOS.

Boom Beach is a very popular game that is played around the world, this is because it is unique as it doesn’t have same features as other games. The main idea of this game is to attack the beach and attack the opposing player.

Boom Beach can be hard for some players especially if one is matched with hard players that they can’t defeat, when the players can’t get an invasion especially when the number or mercenary increases or when a player loses resources especially even when the vault has enough storage to hold on to a loot etc.

Where to Get a Boom Beach Hack?

Boom-Beach-Hack allows one to become a top player. One has to be able to learn about the different types of hacking strategies so as to make the game more interesting.

One doesn’t have to be a good player in order to become a top player, so long as you can acquire the boom bleach hack technique playing bloom beach can be easy.

Boom Beach Hack

Boom Beach hack will enable a player not only to win but also help a player to train its troops on how to attack an enemy. To hack one simply has to put the number of diamonds or other resources that you want and the exact number will be generated in your account in just a click.

Boom Beach hack doesn’t need any special root control other than downloading Boom Beach from the app store and start to enjoy the benefits of the game.

Hay Day: Best Virtual Farming Game

Hay Day, the Best Virtual Farming Game in the Market

The Hay Day game is one farming stimulation game that allows you to raise cartoon livestock and grow crops on your own beautiful virtual farm.

The Hay Day game is one of the prettiest farming sims to this date. This app is available for both android and IOS devices.

Hay Day

How Does Hay Day Work?

The story behind the game is very simple. You are given a huge farm to take care of. In this farm, you can raise animals like chicken, sheep and cows. The app will also allow you to grow and harvest crops like corn and wheat.

There are very many tasks to do in order to run your farm profitably. You need to turn your farm into a Grade A ranch trough feeding critters, painting silos and other ranch maintenance jobs.

You will also have to be ready for visitors from town and the nearest ranches swing buy to buy your produce and also offer you some tasks that you can combleat for money.

The biggest strength of this game lies on its graphics. They are rich, detailed and beautiful. The landscapes are so realistic that you may be tempted to think that you are working on an actual farm.

You have the ability to zoom and pan for more visual precision. The presentation of the game can only be described as cinematic. It is too very detailed for a mobile game. It is actually an eye candy.

When playing the game using an iPhone, the controls are smooth and non intrusive. They allow you to use your phones touch creen beautifully. You just need to tap on a given plot of land and run your finger across the field to in order to harvest your crops.

Using the same gestures, you can still gather your animals products for sale. These products may include milk, wool and manure. You can also do some farm maintenance activities like adding manure and weeding using simple gestures.

This games allows you to visit your friends farm through Facebook. You can view all your achievement by using the replay value feature. To do this, just click on your house so as to view all the achievements you have managed to unlock so far.

You can also get additional products through the game for example you can collect hundreds of eggs and seel them through the egghead. You can also get a lot of milk for your cows through using the Got Milk feature. But you have to be patient. Just like a real farm, you have to wait for sometime before your animals and plants grow. Use some Hay Day cheats to speed up this process.

You have to wait for a few minutes for your wheat to grow and produce output. The same way you will wait foe half an hour before your cows produce milk. To speed these process, you can use diamonds. Diamonds are limited in supply but you can get more throughout the game.

The game is beautiful, there is little to complain about. Other Farm stimulation games like Farm Ville are difficult to play. Hay Day has managed to get around this by giving a easy to navigate interface. The only annoying this about this game is the tutorial during the first 15-20 minutes. After that, everything is great.

Clash of Clans: How to Maximize the Use of Giants

How to Maximize the Use of Giants in Clash of Clans?

Online gaming has probably taken many like a storm. People do enjoy playing mobile games because it is a good way of having a good time. Other than that it is important to mention that there are many online games to choose from and among them which is lauded by many is the Clash of Clans.

This is an intuitive strategy game and it tops among the most adventurous games of this category. This game has been receiving laud of applause since its release in the year 2012. In this strategy games there are many characters you can use to build your empire and among them are the giants.

For the case of this information on the game, focus shall be on ways of making the most out of the Giants in CoCAstuces.

Why Make Use of Giants in Clash of Clans?

One of the greatest reasons why you should use these characters is obviously because they are full of health. It will take a lot of injury before their health is fully deteriorated. Any splash attack that comes there way when they are in Wizard and Mortar towers will do little harm to them.

They are also good at targeting their enemies. They will first destroy their defensive forces thus giving them an edge. Any weapon that comes against your territory can easily be blocked by giants.

Giants and Archers Combined

On this famous game it is always advisable not only to use archers but also include an additional giants though lesser in number than archers. There are many defensive buildings where you should first send giants and when they deal with the enemies, the archers can then be deployed to get rid of the remaining enemies.

This way you will increase your chances of destroying an entire base hence winning with at least 3 star in your level. Use free Clash of Clans edelstenen to increase this even more!

Goblins and Wall Breakers

Are you about to come face to face with a strong defense? Don’t get worried when you can use Goblins and Wall Breakers together with giants to easily wipe them out. This characters are very important when your opponent has vast resources to fight you.

The same procedure is applied where the giants should first start by getting rid of the defensive buildings then Goblins and Wall Breakers should follow.

Clash of Clans

Two Healers plus Giants

In Clash of Clans edelstenen hack, this strategy has also been proven to help you secure victory. Two healers can be used together with giants. You will need to use a great deal of this characters all across the map.

When you notice that some of them have started to get attacks from the enemies, it is about that time the two healers should come to their rescue. This strategy is very important in nearly every type of bases you are bound to attack.

There are many tips for Clash of Clans that you should always make use to get better results. The above are just but some of them and you can go online and look for others. Good luck as you enjoy playing this wonderful game.